Rental Fee Structure

Pay by the hour, and only for the hours you use

Each month you pay for a bank of 24 hours for $175.00. You can distribute those hours however you see fit any day and any time from single reservations to consecutive reservations to repeating reservations (such as every Monday at 5pm). If you go over 24 hours, it is just $125.00 for an additional bank of 12 hours. Scheduling your hours is simple and easy with our online room reservation system.

Room Reservation System - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Schedule appointment date and time range

Step 2: Select a room (black means booked)

Step 3: Enter number of hours needed (1 thru 8)

Traditional office rental or lease options are often confined to blocks of time during certain hours or certain days. Often times these are days or blocks of times that do not match the your needs but which you are liable to pay for even if you are unable to use them. It makes more sense for you to be able to purchase blocks of hours that you can then use whenever you want based on available rooms during that time.

Office spaces are available 7 days a week with no scheduling restrictions. Scheduling conflicts are minimal since membership is limited to keep office reservations flexible. The rental fee structure charges you by the aggregate of hours used rather than by blocks of days. Under this fee structure, you pay for a total of hours rather than a block of days or set times. Sixty minutes beginning on a clock hour (such as 5pm), or any fraction thereof, is considered one hour.

Fee Schedule

  • $175 for the first bank of 24 hours

  • $125 for each additional bank of 12 hours

  • 6 month agreements available

Upon signing a rental agreement, you will receive a user name and password for the Downtown-Seattle-Counseling website online calendar and form. Each room has its own calendar page for the month. To schedule a client you need only to browse room calendar pages for the day and time that works best for both you and your client.

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