Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started in private practice is difficult. And even after you're established, the costs and time commitments of running an office leaves little time for focusing on your practice itself. We empower licensed mental health professionals to build their practice by offering flexible turn-key office space surrounded by a community of like-minded professionals.

Here are a few answers to questions you may have:

How will I get billed?

You will receive an emailed invoice the first week of the month. It will include your usage charge during the previous month. Your payment account will be billed on the first day of every month.


Are reservations pro-rated?

Yes! We are all about flexibility, so you get to decide when you start and end your sessions. The scheduling system allows you to reserve rooms in 1 hour increments and you are only charged for the hour increments you use.


What if I need more time than I reserved?

You can access the online scheduling system any time to make reservations. If your client is running late, we encourage you to check the scheduling system for availability and add any extra hour increments you may need. Using a room without a reservation is charged an 'unscheduled use' fee so we encourage adding extra time when needed.


Can I edit or cancel my reservation?

You can move, edit, or request a deletion of a reservation a minimum of 48 hours prior to appointment.


How far in advance can I reserve a room?

You can reserve your room up to 4 weeks in advance.


Can I make a repeating reservation for the same room?

You have the ability to insure booking stability for a client by making a repeating reservation for the same time, same day, and same room on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis for as far out as you would like the repeat to continue up to 4 weeks.


What are the hours I can access the building?

You can access the building weekdays from 6am-8pm and weekends/holidays from 8am-6pm. The parking garage hours (booth hours of operation) are Mon-Thu from 7am-8:45pm, Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday from 8am-5:30pm, and Sunday all day (free). After hours access is also easy and security guards are glad to help if they are notified in advance.

I'm interested! What should I do next?

Consider scheduling a tour before applying. This will give us an opportunity to answer your questions and make sure that we are a good match for your professional needs. We look forward to meeting you!

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